Building and construction materials Sale

To successfully compete, construction companies must find ways to develop more efficient procurement plans reduction and also streamline overall direct spend costs, and manage working capital tightly to meet top-line and bottom-line expectations.

This is especially eminent in an emerging market economy such as Angola where construction companies can significantly reduce their purchasing spend and sourcing costs by leveraging Expertise Partners’ network of strategic alliances with leading manufacturers and suppliers in low-cost markets.

Construction firms can realise significant savings across a wide broad of product categories while mainting and improving on the quality of sourced materials, all of which delivers fast and tangible cost savings.

Toy Constructions has specialized in sourcing top quality equipment from around the world for the Angolan construction industry.

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Selection of Construction Supplies

Hardware and door hardware, plywood, mdf, gypsum, marble , granite , ceramic tiles , safety and general supplies, Pipes, Valves and Fittings. Contact us for further details.

Building Material



We supply all types of machinery required in the construction process.